• Water Repellency Water Repellency

    Surfaces based on the natural characteristics of lotus leaves can be made to be superhydrophobic, exhibiting extreme water repellency.


  • Clean Lotus Leaves Clean Lotus Leaves

    The lotus plant grows in muddy swamps, but the self-cleaning leaves emerge from the dirty swamp clean and dry.


  • Magnified Lotus Leaf Magnified Lotus Leaf

    The reason for the lotus plant’s cleanliness is the waxy nature of the leaf and the microstructure on the leaf surface.

Offering the World's Most Water-Repellent Surfaces, Built Upon Principles Displayed in Nature

Let us introduce ourselves

American AquaTech LLC provides innovative technological solutions and associated products that create superhydrophobic (i.e. extremely water-repellent) surfaces. Our specialty is superhydrophobic optics for use in photography, videography, machine vision systems, solar energy devices, telescopes, and other optical systems.